“We Are Ohio” is 100% Union Funded and Focused on Preventing Ohio from Becoming a Right t Work State

Roetzel is an Ohio-based law firm, which means many of its clients are Ohio businesses. As we head into the final push of campaign season, we will see advertisements funded by a political action committee called “We Are Ohio.” We Are Ohio’s chief concern is preventing Ohio from becoming the nation’s 25th right to work state, sometimes referred to as “worker freedom state.” In fact, Central Ohioans have probably seen billboards and television advertisements paid for by the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18, propagandizing that the Workplace Freedom Act is a lie. A benefit of right to work laws to employees is they do not have to be in a union to work at a unionized workplace. A benefit to employers is a lower cost of doing business, which means more money can be reinvested into the company for growth opportunities. Unions do not see a benefit – though they should – for right to work states, and so they formed and funded “We Are Ohio” which should more aptly be named “We Are the Minority of Ohioans.”

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