Most Americans Like Unions and Companies Alike

About 60% of adults have a favorable view of labor unions and businesses according to a Pew Research Center survey. This is a 10% increase since March 2015, and favorable opinions of each are at their highest levels in nearly a decade.

In the “not really news” category: Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents are much more favorable toward labor unions than business corporations, while the inverse is true for Republicans and Republican leaners. Currently 75% of Democrats hold a favorable view (20% have an unfavorable view) of unions. For Republicans, just 44% have a favorable view of unions.

Young adults are much more likely to favor unions than older adults. 75% of those ages 18-29 favor unions, while only 50% of people 50 and older have a positive opinion of unions. Adults younger than 30 are also much more likely to have a favorable view of unions than corporations. Author’s note: This is probably because people under 30 have likely never been in corporate leadership positions.

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