Since 1935 – when the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) was passed – labor unions have been a pink elephant in the corner of the room. Non-union companies don’t believe their employees will vote to join a union. Management rarely engages in conversations with employees about the benefits of remaining union-free. Training seldom occurs regarding what supervisors can say to employees about unions. Corporate handbooks frequently violate union organizing laws. These oversights are largely accidental because owners are busy running their businesses and not becoming labor relations specialists.

Clients seek out Austin Legal to deal with labor union issues. The NLRA is an arcane set of laws that encourages unionization. Labor disputes involving the NLRA do not go to court like employment law disputes. Rather, they are handled by the National Labor Relations Board (the Board) whose employees themselves are in a union. Together, the NLRA and the Board create highly technical laws and procedures to navigate. Matt Austin navigates these regularly. Click on each topic below to learn about how Austin Legal helps clients deal with unions.