Union Members are Getting Younger and More Educated

I’ve been saying for years that union members are getting younger and more educated. Union membership that once consisted of stereotypical blue-collar factory workers is being replaced by high-tech media-related jobs. Workers at The Onion and Clickhole are the latest in a line of media employees who have chosen union representation.

Editorial and video staff at the parody websites are now represented by the Writers Guild of America, East. These employees join other digital media outlets like Vox Media, HuffPost, VICE, the Intercept, ThingProgress, MTV News, Thrillist, and Salon that recently unionized with the Writers Guild.  

In what use to be an unusual twist (but less so with media and tech companies), management did not oppose the union organizing effort. A spokesperson for the Onion said, “We are dedicated to providing an environment where all our employees can thrive and we respect their right to unionize. We have begun having discussions with the WGAE about the path forward and hope to arrive at an arrangement in short order.”

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