2013 Wage Increases in All Sectors But Manufacturing

According to Bloomberg BNA, the average wage increase for the first year of a collective bargaining agreement was about 2% higher in the first half of 2013 than increases reported in 2012 in all sectors except manufacturing. Manufacturing showed a 0.3 percent decrease.

While a 2% raise is still a raise, it falls short of the standard 3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) that is the benchmark wage increase for non-union employees.

Most notable, though, is that 26% of contracts reported had a first year wage freeze while 36% called for increases up to 2% and 32% of contract had wage increases between 2% and 4%. What does this mean? Between 62% and 94% of union workers received raises below the standard COLA. This range is necessary since BNA lumped 2% – 4% together and the standard COLA falls in the middle at 3%.

While receiving a raise below COLA is not particularly good news, at least those workers received a raise. Manufacturing, which has traditionally been the backbone of the country in states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania continues to lag and its workers continue to pay the price.

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