Fight for $15 Workers Finally Join a Union, But Not the One Paying their Salaries

Employees of the labor-backed social justice campaign Fight for $15 have joined a union themselves. The organizers joined the United Media Guild via card check. Comically, a majority of workers signed authorization cards desiring union representation. I’m left wondering why … Continue reading

NLRB GC Seeks to Change the Law on Short Duration Strikes to Disadvantage Employers

The National Labor Relations Board’s General Counsel’s office said the agency’s test for deciding whether multiple short-term strikes were protected is difficult to apply. So he is asking the NLRB to “clarify and modify” the law. Along with the memo … Continue reading

Uber’s Deal with NYC Union Bides Time Before Union Organizing Commences

Uber probably just considers this the cost of doing business in NYC. Uber drivers have expressed frustration over the appeal process for deactivated accounts. Now, with assistance provided by the International Association of Machinists union (IAM), the 40,000 Uber drivers … Continue reading

Resident Advisors and Peer Mentors Seek Right to Organize a Union on Campus

Organizing unions on college campuses is en vogue. As followers of Roetzel Recap know, the adjunct professor unionization movement is sweeping the country. Graduate students and some athletes, though to a lesser degree, have joined the movement. Now, resident advisors … Continue reading

Fast Food Workers’ Corporate Campaign against McDonald’s Includes Occupational Safety and Health Charges

McDonald’s workers recently filed complaints with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 19 cities alleging burns from popping grease, lack of protective equipment, and other workplace hazards. The complaints are a tool to exert public pressure on … Continue reading

Organized Labor Stakes Future Success on Non-Traditional Measures

As followers of Roetzel Recap: Labor Relations know, the labor movement is slowly shifting away from traditional boots on the ground union organizing to a more holistic approach of worker centers and getting municipalities to change ordinances to benefit unions, … Continue reading