Another UAW Executive’s Embezzlement

Just a few weeks ago we detailed Ms. Johnson’s $34,000+ luxury spending spree on first class plane tickets, clothing, jewelry, hotels, golf, and spas. Now, a former president of the United Auto Workers local pleaded guilty to embezzling from the union’s health fund.

Sergio Acosta recently pleaded guilty in New Jersey to embezzling health fund assets for his own use. As is typical, criminal defendants plead guilty to “lesser charges” than what they were originally arrested for because the guilty plea saves the prosecutor time and expense of a jury trial. Here, Acosta was originally charged with defrauding Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of about $5.6 million by enrolling people in the union health fund who were actually employees of “sham companies” and thus ineligible to participate in the plan. He will plead guilty to just embezzling health fund for his own use.

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