Details of UPS-Teamsters Labor Negotiations Emerge

The surge in on-line shopping necessitates an increase in demand of packaged deliveries.  This is front and center in the UPS-Teamsters Labor negotiations.  It appears that the two sides have reached a tentative agreement to create a category of drivers to handle weekend shifts. This deal calls for the company to review technological changes like the deployment of delivery drones or driverless vehicles with the Union six months before they are implemented. According to the Union Co-Chairman of the Negotiating Committee, “that deal provides tremendous gains in wages, benefits, and working conditions for years to come.” Additional items in the new agreement include part-time workers starting at $13.00 an hour. This is up from $10.00 an hour currently. Also, 5000 new full-time jobs would be created over the five-year term of the agreement. The weekend drivers will also prevent regular drivers from having to work weekend shifts. The new category will have drivers work from Tuesday through Saturday or Wednesday through Sunday.

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