Disneyland Union Workers Angry Over Family Free Day Policy

In previous years, “cast members” (the name for Disney employees) enjoyed a special Disney Family Holiday Celebration. The Celebration granted free access, discount vouchers, and complimentary snacks at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. This was done as a token of appreciation for the workers’ hard work. But now union flyers are circulating among workers lambasting the corporation for limiting their special holiday passes to California Adventure, only. To be clear, Disney is offering free tickets, free food, discount vouchers to employees’ families, but that isn’t enough for the unions.

Workers represented by 11 different unions have banded together to challenge the decision, deeming it another in a series of eroding benefits like when Disney stopped doing its cast member holiday party and stopped closing the park for a worker-only day.

Workers also still enjoy a few unblocked “sign-in” days are both theme parks during November and December when they can bring friends and family in addition to having complimentary tickets every year.

One word comes to mind when I hear about this. It happens to be the name of one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs: Greedy. Disney is providing hundreds of dollars in value to its employees, but their unions want more. Typical.

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