ICE Director: We Promise to Significantly Increase the Immigration Enforcement Pressure on All Employers

Thomas Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), echoed the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement focus on employers as a crucial part of curbing undocumented immigration to the United States.

According to Homan, employers are at the core of the American immigration problem. “Unless you remove the magnets … they will keep coming …. As long as they’re coming to get a job, they’ll try to come. So we are stepping up work site enforcement,” said Homan in comments after his recent speech at the Heritage Foundation.

All employers are at risk of random Form I-9 inspections and other employment immigration compliance reviews, audits, and investigations. Emploers must be on notice that now, more than ever, ICE is watching, investigating, inspecting, auditing, and penalizing. “we’re taking work site enforcement very hard this year,” said Homan. “We’ve already increased the number of inspections and work site operations. You’re going to see that significantly increase the next fiscal year.

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