NLRB Regulatory Action on “Quickie Election” Rule

Employers waiting for the National Labor Relation Board’s revisions to union election rules will have to wait a bit longer. According to the Board, that item is a “long term” action item.  It has been downgraded from a prior ranking. This is a possible indication that revisions to the rules have become a less important priority for the Board for the upcoming year than issuance of joint-employer rules.

NLRB Chairman John Ring said that the Board will engage in rulemaking to change the rule, but will do so issue by issue, rather than taking on the entire rule at once. According to Ring, the Board will release the first in a series of proposed rules this winter, covering the NLRB’s blocking charge policy and voluntary recognition bar. Going this route may result in a quicker undoing of the Obama-era NLRB’s implementation of the overly union-friendly ambush or quickie elections rules and should be welcome news for businesses wanting to remain union-free.

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