Open Request for Teamsters to Explain how Union Dues are Like Paying Taxes

I recently ran across this meager justification about the benefits of paying union dues. As you can imagine, I disagree with the premise. But more importantly, the Teamsters toss out a conclusion that dues are like taxes, tell us what our taxes go towards, and finish by saying “Union dues are similar.”

Here is the passage taken directly from a Teamsters Local’s website:

Many of us complain about paying taxes, but deep down we know that if we don’t pay taxes, many of the things we depend on will fall apart. Taxes pay for things that improve our quality of life and protect our democracy. Taxes are about being good citizens of our country, not about how we as individuals benefit directly from payment. Like our parents and grandparents before us, we pay taxes to strengthen America. Our taxes pay for roads, weather information, assistance when weather turns bad, protection of our food supply, schools, and much more. Union dues are similar. The dues we pay take money from our paychecks, but they return benefits both immediately and over the long term.

I look forward to reading and posting the replies about how union dues are specifically like paying taxes.

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