QR Codes Not Appear in NLRB Notices

When an employer (or union, though rarely these days) is found by the NLRB to have violated the National Labor Relations Act, the Board usually requires the violator to post a “Notice” informing employees of the violation and advising them of their rights under federal labor law. In the past, the Notice has referred to the Board’s decision but has not given instructions on how to find or obtain a copy of the decision. Now, Notices in cases where the NLRB has issued a decision finding a violation of the Act will contain the following wording and links:

The Board’s decision can be found at [hyperlink to the Board’s decision] or by using the QR code below. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy of the decision from the Executive Secretary, National Labor Relations Board, 1099 14th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20570, or by calling (202) 273-1940.

The QR code, when scanned by a cell phone, takes the user to the case on the Board’s website. Next, I anticipate the NLRB will employ drones to hand-deliver decisions to each employee, perhaps embedded with a microchip that reads the case decision to the employee in their choice of 30 different languages.