Union Organizing includes Technology and Social Activism

2022 saw a lot of union organizing activity. Successful unions used technology and social issues to rally employees.

Technology has allowed union organizers to be more efficient and organize more employees in far less time.

Smartphones, email, social media, and private apps have enabled unions to recruit members virtually. No more hanging out in parking lots passing out flyers that were thrown away. Employees are no longer willing to give up non-work time for a union organizing meeting at the local pizza parlor.

Social issues have replaced the typical economic issues as the focal point for union organizing tactics. Gone are the days of unions promising more money or time off in exchange for a union vote.

Unions are now aligned with employee activism in social issues such as climate change, racial justice, harassment prevention, equal pay, diversity, equity, and inclusion. These issues are making their way into collective bargaining agreements and unions are holding employers accountable for complying with them.

Employers who have long expected top-of-market pay to stave off union organizing are encouraged to reevaluate their playbook. These issues are vitally important to younger workers. They aren’t going away.


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