Union Sues Member for $24,000 for Crossing Picket Line and Reporting to Work

In 2016, 40,000 Verizon workers walked off the job and went on strike during contract negotiations. The Communications Workers of America union spent 6 weeks on strike. After the strike ended, the CWA sued one worker who, kept working during the strike. According to the lawsuit, that employee “continued to work throughout the strike and earned considerable compensation including regular time compensation, overtime compensation, incentive compensation, and health care and other benefits.”

Per the union’s Constitution, it held its own trial where a jury of her brotherhood ruled that she owed the CWA over $24,000. Since she refuses to pay the penalty, the union filed suit asking a real federal court to uphold the fine imposed by the union’s kangaroo court.

All of this because an employee wanted to work.

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