Unions Don’t Have to Represent Members

Unions don’t always defend their members. They don’t always file grievances. They don’t always arbitrate grievances.

For example, the IAM union, Kentucky Lodge No. 681 recently did not arbitrate the termination of union member Dylan Anderson.

Cook Compression, Inc. terminated Anderson after co-workers expressed fear because he had distributed Nazi literature containing caricatures of Jewish people and offensive slurs.

Since union employers need a reason to terminate someone (as if Mr. Anderson’s actions weren’t enough), Cook Compression said he violated its code of business conduct and ethics.

Mr. Anderson and IAM grieved the termination. The final step of the grievance procedure is arbitration. IAM did not want to arbitrate the grievance on behalf of Mr. Anderson.

If neither the Company nor the Union wants to arbitrate, but the terminated employee / union member wants to arbitrate, what happens?

IAM filed a lawsuit in federal court to get the answer. And the answer is, since neither party wants to arbitrate, neither party has to arbitrate the grievance.

Mr. Anderson is not a party to the CBA. He relinquished the right to act on his own behalf when he joined the union. He is bound by the decisions of the union – and the union decided it did not want to arbitrate.

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